Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Dogs are one of the animals that eat anything thus you should not be surprised if your Fido has decided to help you with the task of weeding the garden. One of the bizarre behaviors of dog is eating grass. Dogs are indiscriminate eaters and you have to be thankful that the dog has decided to eat grass instead of raiding the trash cans or eating its own or other dog’s poop. Dog owners will wonder why the pet would still eat grass in spite of the fact that it is regularly provided with enough nutritious food. Does the glistening dew on the grass appeals to the curious nature of the pet and entice dogs to eat grass?
Wolves, the ancestors of dogs have grass as part of their diet. Wolves hunt and eat their prey but grasses, plants and berries are eaten as well when food is scarce. It was believed that wolves and also dogs in the wild have developed the habit to eat grass from eating the herbivores. Food in the wild is scarce and dogs have to consume what was hunted thereby also consuming the grasses and leaves on the prey’s stomach. Due to scarcity of food in the wild, dogs ultimately developed the habit of eating grass to supplement the meager diet.
Modern day dogs have no reason to eat grass. These well-loved pets are regularly provided by their owners enough nutritious foods. The dog though would still be seen munching grass as if enjoying the world’s most expensive salad. Although dogs are known to eat anything, dog experts have an explanation for the dog’s strange eating habits.
One of the considerations made is the nutrient deficiency of commercially prepared dog foods. Dogs are intelligent animals but their ability to know what is wrong with their diet is uncanny. Dogs are believed to eat grass to fill up the nutrient deficiency in their diet. Not only do dogs have big appetites, but they are also not choosy eaters as well.
Dogs do not have steel stomachs and when they eat anything that disagrees with their system, our furry friends will have upset stomachs. Nature have given dogs a one of a kind remedy for upset stomach. A dog only has to eat grass to purge the toxic substances that were ingested. Grass blades are not unlike fingers stuck to the throat to induce vomiting. Grass that is fully swallowed by the dog acts as a bowel cleanser that will remove intestinal parasites.

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