How To Get Rid Of Ear Mites

An ear mite infestation can severely affect the quality of a dog’s life. Constant head shaking and scratching is a sign that the dog has these tiny parasites. In an effort to relieve the terrible itching, the pet will be seen rubbing the face against surfaces. Ear mites are highly infectious parasites that appear like tiny white dots. These eight legged parasites are found on the dark, warm and moist area of the dog’s inner ear and feed on ear wax. These organisms will burrow into the skin causing extreme itching so that the incessant scratching of the infected dog will result to bleeding ears. The violent shaking would break small blood vessels causing the formation of hematomas. Infection that is characterized by coffee ground-like discharge and foul odor will set in.
A pet parent would naturally want to help the pet. The ear mites that infest the dog cannot affect humans but the infestation can be transmitted to other pets. Fortunately ear mite infestation can be easily eradicated. There are a number of home remedies and over the counter medications that will eradicate the infestation. However, because the signs of ear mite infestation are similar to the symptoms of other health concern, a dog owner has to be sure that the dog has ear mites and that the discomfort and the foul smell is not caused by bacterial or fungal infection.
A dog owner can choose to use OTC medication to control the ear mite infestation of the pet. These products that contain insecticides will kill mature ear mites but not the incubating ear mite eggs. Thus, these products have to be used for at least 21 days which is the life cycle of an ear mite.
Topical ear medications used for 10 to 14 days would be a better choice as these kinds of medications contains antibiotics for the inflammation and infection of the ears. A dog though may not be cooperative with this kind of treatment as infected ears would be painful. For pet that would not put up with the application of topical treatments, injectible medications are better alternatives. Injectible medications can be administered easily but the down side is that the dog may have a sensitivity to the formulation.
A pet owner may opt to use mineral oil to remove the dog’s ear mites. This can be done by applying a generous amount of mineral oil and massaging the ear to smoother the parasites. The treatment must be repeated until the infestation is removed.

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