Heartgard Heartworm Medicine For Dogs Is

Heartgard protects dogs from heartworm disease. Adult dogs and puppies can get when mosquitoes infected with heartworm to bite. Mosquitoes become infected when they pick up worm larvae from the heart after an infected dog bite. The mosquitoes then transmit the larvae at any other dog they bite. Worm larvae of the heart find their way into the bloodstream of the dog and go to his heart in about three months. The larvae develop into worms in the heart of six to seven months and start producing larvae.
Adult worms are very important and can reach 12 inches or more. It is in the right ventricle of a dog heart. You can also in blood vessels connecting the heart related to the lungs. Heartworms may extend beyond living in the heart valves. They prevent the floodgates opening and closing properly, which prevents the heart to pump properly. Heartworms interfere major blood vessels and block the flow of oxygen-rich blood. Finally, towards the end of the heart into the pulmonary artery, it is difficult for the dog to breathe, even when it rests. Heartgard heartworm medicine for dogs kills larvae of the worm’s heart before they get a chance to adult worms. Even if a dog several times by the same or have been infected by multiple mosquitoes, Heartgard protects dogs from heartworm disease.
If a dog does not work and is infected by the worm disease of the heart Heartgard, it can suffer serious health problems if left untreated. While veterinarians do have options for the treatment of worm infection of the heart, there are often no symptoms until the advanced stage of disease. And salaries usually include arsenic and can be very uncomfortable for the dog and very costly for the owner. In some cases, even with aggressive treatment, the infection of the worm’s heart is so severe that survival is not possible. Heartgard heartworm preventative give dogs once a month is a safe and easy to heartworm infection and suffering and unnecessary costs avoided. Heartgard is safe for all breeds. And it is safe for older dogs and puppies at the age of six weeks.

Heartgard Once A Month For Dogs

Heartgard once a month for the life of the dog prevented him from heartworm disease. A dog can be infected several times by the same mosquito. Dogs who spend time outdoors during the summer months often bitten several times a day. This raises the likelihood of heart worm infection. Give a dog a Heartgard once a month to reduce the risk of infection. Even the dogs in cold climates should be Heartgard administered throughout the year. Heartgard heartworm medicine for dogs has a cumulative effect, that protection is ensured, also means that if a dose late.

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