Geranium ‘Jolly Bee’ And Helleborus Winter Jewels Slate

The Biggest Blooms Ever

Flowers change shades of blue as they mature.
Oh, Geranium lovers, wait until you grow Jolly Bee! Dozens upon dozens of big blue blooms will fill your garden all summer, each sweetly fragrant, each veined in maroon, dotted with a white eye, and changing shades as it matures! Best of all, these blooms are the LARGEST of any hardy Geranium I’ve ever seen, making Jolly Bee a standout extraordinaire in the sunny garden.
Now that I think about it, even a Geranium hater, if such a gardener exists, would have a hard time resisting Jolly Bee. The 1½-inch blooms are simply fascinating, not only in their play of three strong colors and their shifting tone, but also their sheer size! They seem to pop out from the handsome divided foliage, inviting bees and butterflies to dine and humans to admire.
Jolly Bee is also an exceptionally sun-loving Geranium, thriving in long hot summers all the way through zone 8, yet also very adaptable to cold snaps. It quickly grows into an airy plant 18 inches tall and about 18 to 24 inches wide, just asking to be used as a ground cover or star of the perennial border. The unique foliage complements so many other perennials that hardy Geraniums are always eagerly folded into existing landscapes — nestle Jolly Bee among your Oriental Poppy, Salvia, Alstroemeria, Coreopsis, Phlox — well, you get the idea. (It’d be easier to list the plants Jolly Bee SHOULDN’T be near)
Space Jolly Bee plants a foot to 18 inches apart in the garden (Geranium is not a perennial that loves crowding). Tolerant of either alkaline or acidic soil, it appreciates good enrichment before planting and plenty of water during the growth season and dry spells.

Charcoal Blooms from Pure Black Buds

The most exciting of the new Winter Jewels colors, it will be your favorite for cutting.
A splendid new series of distinctively colored and formed Hellebores, the Winter Jewels are taking American gardens by storm. Offering large, perfectly shaped 3-inch blooms that remain attractive for weeks and even months, this series is the result of 15 years’ hand-selective breeding for deep, saturated colors, picotee edges, and collared form. We are proud to offer Slate, the most dramatic new color selection.
Pure black buds are a startling enough sight in the shade garden, but when they burst open, the dark charcoal-ash interior petal color is stunning. Shot with a vibrant red vein, these flowers offer stark contrast to the frilly white and yellow center, and make a huge impact in garden or vase.
The flowers arise from late winter well into spring on plants 20 inches high and 24 inches wide, and are superb for cutting. They dry right on the plant, becoming papery but keeping their color, so that the soft breezes of spring rustle them. Very floriferous, this is a plant that will give you enough blooms for garden and vase both. And with color like this, you want all the glorious blooms you can get!
Plant Slate among its siblings Cherry Blossom, Purple/Pink Edge, and Red, or select our economical mix of 3 of the colors. Winter Jewels belongs front and center of the shade border, where it remains evergreen, is unpalatable to deer, rabbits, and other nibblers, and tolerates rough weather from heat and humidity to drought. You simply can’t find a more rewarding and distinctive perennial for winter to spring color.

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