Geranium ‘Bob’s Blunder’ And Hemerocallis ‘Over the Top’

Blooms Generously All Summer Long

A British cultivar with a mounding, lush habit, it thrives in hard clay soils.
We don’t know what Bob’s blunder was (and he’s not telling!), but we’re thankful for it. This is a ceaselessly flowering hardy Geranium, beginning with the first breath of summer heat and refusing to let up until chilly autumn temperatures arrive. Each bloom is about an inch wide, and by the hundred they make a breathtaking display on nicely mounded, billowy plants. If you’ve found hardy Geraniums a bit insipid in your heavy clay soil or hot summer weather, give ‘Bob’s Blunder’ a whirl — you’ll be amazed at the difference this new selection makes.
The flowers are pale lilac to pink, each starred with a white eye. They simply cover this plant, tucking themselves among the large, handsome foliage and occasionally covering it with their sheer numbers. This is NOT grandmother’s Geranium, but a blooming powerhouse that makes a fine companion to Roses and perennials of all types in the border. It’s even compact enough for a nice container.
Even if this plant didn’t bloom, you might be tempted to grow it for the foliage. The leaves are large, lobed, and an olive shade of green, heavily overlaid with flashes of pewter-gray and bronze. Again, while some Geraniums sort of straggle along the garden floor in our hot American climates, ‘Bob’s Blunder,’ though bred in Worcestershire, England, is ready for clay soil, heat, and humidity! It’s one of the few Geraniums we can actually describe as “bushy,” even in hot climates.
The Bob of this blunder is Bob Brown of Cotswold Garden Flowers Nursery, and we encourage him to keep making mistakes. ‘Bob’s Blunder’ reaches 12 inches high and about 20 inches wide in full sun in the north, afternoon or dappled shade farther south and west. Reconsider hardy Geraniums in your garden with this robust, floriferous selection!

Double 8-inch Blooms!

This Stamile introduction is a vigorous evergreen tetraploid.
The name says it all — not only are these blooms fully double, but they measure 8 inches across AND arise twice a season, affording the most spectacular showing of color yet from the Daylily family. Select a place of honor for ‘Over the Top,’ for it is guaranteed to steal the show in any setting.Introduced in 2000 by Stamile, this stunning cultivar is an evergreen tetraploid, with twice the chromosomal power of traditional diploids plus the year-round beauty of fresh, healthy foliage.
It flowers heavily in early midseason, then repeats near summer’s end with an encore nearly as floriferous as the first. Its vigor shows not only in its bloom strength but in the quick growth of the plant, which reaches 28 inches high and 18 to 24 inches wide.’Over the Top’ is an eye-catching neon pink with a rich red eyezone visible among the ruffles and whorls of its double set of petals. The edges of some petals are pale pink to nearly white, and the form is most unusual; recurved and assymetrical, it creates interesting new texture in the Daylily garden. Even if you seldom cut your Daylilies, ‘Over the Top’ begs for closer admiration!
Like all Daylilies, it tolerates environmental stresses from heat and humidity to poor soil and drought. Left alone by deer and other pests, it is untroubled by most diseases as well. One of the easiest perennials to grow, all it asks is well-drained soil and full sun to very light shade.

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