Best Flea and Tick Products for Your Pets

There are numerous Flea and Tick products on the market today through online pet pharmacies and veterinarians as well as your own local vet. How does one know which one to choose? First of all, the pros and cons of the product should be sorted out.

Flea And Tick Control Products For Cats

Powders for Cats and Ticks

Many people still use this product today. The pro is that the powder is always on the cat’s fur to prevent the fleas or ticks from crawling up the feline’s feet. The main con is that every time the owner touches their pet, some of the powder rubs off on the owner. These products are poisonous to keep ticks and fleas away. Does this owner want to come into contact with these poisons? When applying these products to the cat, some of the powder flies up into the owner’s face. Some of these powders may not provide tick control.

Flea and Tick Sprays for Cats

These products are sold almost anywhere in the world and will provide the feline with relatively good pest control.
The main advantage of the Flea and Tick products is that they are sold almost anywhere in the world and are relatively inexpensive.
The one main disadvantage of these Flea and Tick products is that the cat does not like any water or sprays on its fur and will probably resist it. Also, the cat will probably lick it off. Finally, if the owner does not put the spray all over the cat’s body, the fleas and ticks can still climb up its legs.

Flea and Tick Drops for Cats (and for Dogs)

Many people in America as well as in Europe use these Flea and Tick Products on their cats. These drops are put right into the feline’s fur thus preventing those fleas and ticks from having a nice meal at the cat’s expense.
The main advantage of the drops is that instead of staying on the cat’s fur, the drops are absorbed right into the cat’s skin. Then the drops are absorbed into the blood stream of the cat. So, it will not matter where the flea or tick bites the cat, they will still die. The owner will not even have to come into contact with the drops. The drops must be applied only to the back of the cat’s neck where she cannot lick it off.
The main disadvantage of this product is that it is rather expensive and it must be applied to the cat once a month.

How to Choose Safe and Effective Flea and Tick Products

Flea and Tick Products for your pets come in many forms. These include the following: shampoos, sprays, dips, foggers and dusts, spot-on, wipes and collars. Some of these pet products for controlling fleas and ticks work as repellants; some products kill the adult ticks and fleas, and still others attack immature fleas in an effort to prevent them from developing into adult fleas that will reproduce and continue the life cycle. Thus, the house may become infested with fleas. Some flea and tick products perform all three of these functions.
In order to select the safest and best product for an owner’s pet, they must be diligent in reading the label and adhere to the directions exactly. Never use any flea or tick product that was intended for dogs on cats. These products are regulated by the EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency. The owner can always ask her veterinarian for advice in this matter.

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